T-SUNUS Bug Zapper Review

We’ve all had a time when we were terribly angered by those ‘singing’ insects.  It could have been at the office, the living room, bed room, kitchen or even the toilet! At times, some people attempt to escape the displeasure by going out for camping or a similar sort of out door retreat, but only to be met by “those guys” they were running a way from. Instinctively, we always wave our hands in the spirit of killing or delivering a message that can’t be neglected to those unforgiving and bothersome neighbors. This has proven to be exhausting and ineffective to the extent that at some point we even envy our fellow mammals with tails since their lash kind of handles them effectively. The most unlovely of “those guys” are the mosquitoes and flies (especially those with green eyes). Over time the activity of these insects has been witnessed to bring illness upon mankind. Since the recognition of that fact, they were baptized with a new group name, “vectors”. Measures to control or get rid of these vectors and any member of their ilk with a capacity to plague have been put in place.

The first developments included sprays (insecticides), but these were poisonous to humans, harmless insects and plants as well. In the tropics, mosquito nets are used as a remedy but with limited efficacy besides the hassle of their use and a mechanism filled with folly. An arm insect zapper is available but who likes to keep waving some tool at a time they prefer to kick back and watch TV or read a book. Rather than mimic a tennis player in a lazy manner, you have got a passive solution to the bothersome “fly about”, a bug Zapper. Here after, we will discuss one of the best for value items useful in the control of these “domestic insects”, the T-SUNUS bug zapper.

Product information.

Product name; T-sunus bug zapper.

size; 12.5cm x 8.7cm

Price; USD 15 (cheapest place to buy-Amazon.)

Power; rechargeable with USB, charging time ~1 hour

Duration; up to o 24 hours when in use.

Area coverage; up to 80 square meters.

Comes with cleaning brush.

Warranty; None

Rating: other users 5 out of 5, myself 4.5 out of 5.

Make and principle of operation

The T-sunus Zapper is fitted with an electric grid (net like material made of conducting metal), a single wave length light source, and a rechargeable power source (battery), all housed in a plastic (non-conducting) frame. It comes along with a charging cable, plug, cleaning brush and instruction manual.

The T-sunus Zapper, employs the principle of clean energy. When in function, The short specific wavelength of 360-365 nm produced by the light source draws the flying insects towards the glow. The electric grid which walls off the light source and is charged by a flow of current, traps and paralyses the insects on their way. This continues as long as the device is on and there are bugs to trap. The current produced by the insects is too small to be harmful to humans. It might cause some discomfort in some individuals though.

How to use T-SUNUS bug zapper

The T-sunus zapper is a simple device. No intricate assembly process is required. The device is charged to full battery (green light) using a USB (even the phone type fits!), and when needed, simply turned on by rotating it at the top. The UV light appears & attracts the mosquitoes and any other loitering insects. An in fitted electrified grid then paralyses and kills the incoming insects. This can go on for about 24 hours if the device is fully charged and can be turned off at any point if desired. After utilizing the device, the dead insects can be cleaned off using the customized brush. It can be used in all in house areas of common dwelling (living room, bed room, Office etc). According to the manufacturer, it’s useful in outdoor settings as well (I am a little reserved about this). Just to Note; These devices tend to work best in low lighting.

The pros and cons…


  • It’s safe; uses ultraviolet radiation which is harmless around humans (wavelength-365 nm).
  • Rechargeable; thus not needing to be constantly plugged in to work.
  • small and light; allowing for easy transportation and positioning
  • silent and noise free
  • Usable in several Indoor settings.
  • can be hang or placed on table tops. 


  • limited area of efficiency
  • warranty !!


Anyone needing to get rid of common house hold flying insects has got really a wonderful solution with the T-sunus. The feverish closure of windows at dusk, the fitting in of nets at the vents and windows are all being made trivial by the presence of devices such as this. It’s a good one to have especially in the tropics.

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