Sinu-solve IR Rhinitis Therapy Device

Rhinitis; the inflamed nasal mucous membrane which manifests with nasal congestion, runny nose (rhinorrhea), post nasal drip (a feeling of phlegm in the throat), occasionally sore throat and headaches with teary eyes, is a common affliction affecting about 1 in 5 people in the globe. The majority of those being in the most industrialized countries. As humanity advances and industrialization takes hold, not only do humans receive economic advancement with new technology in their homes but also a pack of nasty things like new illnesses. It’s estimated that up to half of Rhinitis cases are adult onset and can directly be attributed to environmental pollutants. To make matters worse the allergies themselves seem to be on the increase both in variety and frequency, partly, thanks to progress in hygiene (hygiene hypothesis) as some scientists put it.

The doctors have studied and grouped Rhinitis into four types;

  • The infectious; basically caused by viruses and bacteria
  • Allergic type; commonly referred to as “hay fever”, is subdivided into seasonal and perenial
  • Non allergic non-infectious; mostly caused by irritants and associated substances, some drugs, or rare illneses
  • Miscellanious; generally non-specific.

Thankfully the treatment for all the above four types are almost similar except for the bacterial type that might need antibiotic therapy. The mainstay being nasal decongestants or steroid sprays. Several over the counter and home remedies have been explored as well. What is Known for sure is that the care for the condition has increasingly become a gamble for both sufferers and healthcare professionals. This can be attributed to the evolution of disease, loss of efficacy of specific medicines (a process known as tachyphylaxis by healthcare professionals) and abuse of some of those medicines let alone the side effects. New approaches to handle the illness which don’t involve constant popping of pills or sniffing of chemicals have been explored. So, today, we’ve infrared rhinitis therapy, thanks to innovation and advancements in science and technology. Currently there are a number of devices which serve the above purpose. One however, has picked my interest, the Sinu-solve IR rhinitis therapy device.

Product information.

Product name; Sinu-solve IR rhinitis therapy device.

Size; 6.5 cm x 9.0 cm x 2.0 cm

Price; USD 14-20 (cheapest place to buy-E bay also at Amazon.)

Power; 9V alkaline battery

Warranty; None

My Rating: 4.0 out of 5


Pros; painless, no known side effects, can be used by all across rhinitis patients, can be re utilized, portable

Cons; Has no user manual, can be unsightly.

What is a sinu-solve IR rhinitis therapy device?

This is an instrument designed to produce low levels of infrared (IR) radiation at therapeutic levels which influences the milieu in a rhinitis afflicted nose. The main and most immediate outcome is resolution of bothersome symptoms (congestion, rhinorhea, post nasal drip and headaches).

The IR radiation arrests the inflammatory process by halting the process of production of specific chemical modulators (within the small vessels of the nose) that result into the “runny/blocked nose”. Detoxification and immunoreconstitution all aimed at resolving and keeping a way rhinitis is achieved with progressive IR therapy.

It comprises a battery and controls in a housing (main component) with two infrared probes connected to the main component by a flexible cord as shown above.

Who needs the device?

All individuals with rhinitis of any type can pretty much benefit from this device. However, individuals in whom; the condition is chronic (longstanding), medication has become ineffective with increasing use (rhinitis medicamentosa), allergies or other contraindications preclude the use of the most efficacious medicines, will benefit most from this device.

How to use the device…

Basically, make sure the battery is in place, unwind the cord, plug into the main component, and start up the device by pressing the on/off button. Insert the nasal probes to fit precisely after they glow light red. Make sure they had been disinfected and always disinfect after use (alcohol wipes can do; make sure the alcohol dries off though, it’s a terrible irritant in the nose!).

In common use, the device is left to run for about 10 minutes and applied 3-4 times in a day. One study (Hindawi Journal of otolaryngology) revealed that applying the device (red light Rhinophototherapy (RLRPT)) for 30 minutes 3 times in a day over 14 days produced resolution of symptoms and significant physical changes for the better in the nose on re-examination. Therefore, some patience and discipline have to be exercised when utilizing the device. Never the less, the tool is user-friendly.


The sino-solve IR rhinitis device is a revolutionary personalized way of individuals constantly plagued by Rhinitis symptoms having a quick and effective control. Its important to have such a device since it saves the burden of pills and their side effects.

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