Nursing Clothes for Breastfeeding; Your Ultimate Pick!


Nursing or breastfeeding to say comes with it’s own specifics and that doesn’t leave out dressing and specific changes to a woman’s closet. In the olden day’s, fashion was uniform and almost not variant. Regular women dressed in a single fashion almost all their lives and this accommodated for almost all circumstances of  the adult females life, pregnancy and nursing being among them. Having an array of clothing was a reserve for the “highly” placed woman’s closet! Back then, the design for a females body covering was universal (at least for the case of Europe), and generally, large loosely fitting clothing covering almost 95 % of the body. So whether pregnant or non pregnant, nursing or not, Emaciated or plump, the  would be accommodated by her dress. All that had to be done was make some adjustments to the corset and laces/straps. It was, for all seasons and a one size fits all kind of arrangement!

When the new Era emerged, and innovation took hold , there was an explosion in variation  of  fashion for women’s dressing. This unfortunately, came with a compromise on the ‘versatility’ enjoyed by their predecessors. It now meant, a woman would need a variety of clothes suited for several circumstances and occasions. Therefore, the trendy lady of today has to think of  specific clothing that suits the condition of breastfeeding, commonly called nursing clothes.


Why nursing clothes…?

As shared above (for those of you who skip paragraphs while reading), the evolution of the mother over the centuries resulted into new  nursing practices and demands. A majority of the mothers today are ‘out door’, equally contributing to the financial well being of their families. That means getting back to work at a period in which the infant still needs to breastfeed resulting into unpredictable time and place to carry out nursing. So, the modern mother needs to prepare in such a way that nursing remains convenient for her while at home or “on the run”.

So, Can a new mother do without nursing clothes?  Yes, She can. She is very much free to remain in her trendy T-shirt or splendid work suit in which case she will have to keep lifting it up or tucking it away. Something inconvenient and tough to cope with. Depending on her taste for fashion, some regular clothing actually suit breastfeeding as well and some maternity  attire are designed to hold through the whole journey of mother hood! The new loving mother has to just pay attention to some of the basics provided below whether she decides to visit a boutique or re-examine her closet.


What Characterizes a good nursing clothes?

  • Coloring; as all mothers are aware, nursing involves getting dirty and often wet without one’s will. Therefore, to avoid unwanted attention or concern, it’s better to have dull colored clothing preferably with a pattern or mosaic. Those densely flowered dresses are great because a milk stain might appear as a beautiful work of art on the fabric!
  • Ease of Access; since a discordance between feeding and demand can be disastrous, the breast should then be within reach when an infant displays the need. Nursing dresses are designed to allow for easy exposure of the breast without a need for support or troublesome manipulation.
  • Safety and comfort; pregnancy and birth comes along with a short lived ‘metamorphosis’. So, a mother has to account for the ‘pooch’ or ‘bump’ with the ‘waddle’. A relaxed dressing with preferably organic fabric is the ultimate choice.  You wouldn’t  like to keep sweaty or attend to a new rash triggered off by an unfriendly fabric. The rule of thumb is; acquire 1 or 2 sizes up from your normal!
  • Versatility; it’s better if the fashion of the dress allows for use at different stages of breastfeeding and appears fitting in situations not relating to the act like; picking groceries or giving a speech at a PTA meeting or even common use after discontinuation of nursing.

That said; a mother should therefore;

  • go for; comfortable, nursing tops, Nursing bras, Nursing tank tops, Nursing wraps, or button-down dresses.
  • and not; Jumpsuits or rompers, Dresses without front buttons, Excessive layers, Regular underwire bras, Tight or flimsy tops.

Lets have a little adventure on a few nursing clothing here, Shall we?


A few picks you might want to consider…

1. Sweet mommy maternity clothing.

This tank top is not only impressive but also comfortable and provides easy access. It wondrously hides mommy’s morphology all the way to the “hind quarters” while reserving the best of her.  It’s fitted with easy release clips at the front for easy access. The color blends in with that of milk and those spit ups.

Tank top



+ Easy to use and maintain

+ Versatile


– might not serve for busty mothers.



Available at Amazon, sweet mommy dresses are some of the few truly versatile female clothes today. They come loaded with elegance as well as provisions for a “bump” and breastfeeding. The chiffon allows for the aeration and a fresh feeling of the environment with the wrapper covering all the vital parts. So, you don’t have to worry about “being on display”! It can supply you with a nasty rub though if you’ve a squirmy infant.

chiffon nursing dress


+ versatile and decent

+ comfortable

+ has side and back zips for access

+ accommodates various body types


– Chiffon might be uncomfortable for naked infant.

RATING; 8/10


The formal dress comes in a plush fabric with all the desirables for a nursing/pregnant mother. In this dress, a mother can comfortably chair a public meeting without triggering an odd sense of humor in derailed minds.

Formal dress


+ versatile and decent


+ has front and back zips/buttons for access

+ accommodates various body types


–  not simplistic (some moms regard it as long)

RATING; 9/10




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