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Being a new mother, just like the first day at school, comes with both a thrill and anxiety. Some get too fussy with the new responsibility that they literally freak out and fail to get them selves sorted. Well, just like joining boarding school or being a freshman at college, the new responsibility of motherhood comes with a need to make some preparations. over the the years, many minds have contributed to making the process of breastfeeding easy or even enjoyable for both mother and baby. A number of items do exist which have been invented and designed just for that duty and these are what we are referring to as breast feeding accessories. Here, we classify these items into; nursing mothers accessories, Breast milk care accessories and infant accessories as well as shade light on them. Most of these products are available in a variety of brands and that usually means different qualities and prices. One’s choice will solely depend on their ‘taste’ and wallet size. So, save yourself the adrenaline rush and ride along with us as we round up these items curated just for you!


Breastfeeding accessories for the nursing Mother…

Much as many modern mothers do not like to here this, baby care primarily lies to their side. When that new member of the family arrives, she’ll have to make several adjustments to her life ranging  all the way from schedules to leisure activities and yes, this will include the wardrobe as well. Ideally, there would be a need for a new room or at least “a private space” for the new arrival and their chief  attendant.

A new mother or “a mother again” will find some of these necessary;

  • Nursing gown (nursing pajamas or maternity sets): is simply clothing designed to; provide for ease of access to the chest, comfort, easy maintenance and should be able to take a beating from a ‘grouchy’ infant. These come in different designs and fabric. Again, pay attention to comfort, relaxed and preferably stretchy design with absorbent easy to maintain fabric. Some women can’t walk a way without a punch of style, so, please add that in if you’re that type. Bottom line, having one isn’t essential but is good.
  • Nursing (rocking chair); there will come a time when a mother will want to nurse and recline at the same time. This brings in that rocking chair. It will also be useful for the associate babysitters who will some times have to pitifully lull that “little Boss” to sleep! It’s one of those non essential items a couple with ‘extra bucks’ might want to consider. Said otherwise, it’s not essential.
  • Nursing pillows;  Mothers are encouraged to maintain natural alignment of the spine while breast feeding. This means they have to keep lifting the infants (especially when they are still little) to their breasts which can be strenuous. The pillows are designed to provide a rest platform which helps avoid the stress of lifting the infant to the chest in a long nursing duration. They are generally designed to fit around mummy’s lower torso. Just think of them as some of those “oversized belts” or  something like swimming balloons! Some of them even have buckles! When the infants are much older, they can be nursed easily while seated at the babysitters lap. Quite often, there is a need to prop them up and the nursing arm pillow is designed just for that.
  • Occasionally, mummy might want to initiate breastfeeding outside the comfort of home and sometimes in  a public area, but there is always the concern of that nosy neighbor who can’t let go at an ongoing bonding between mother and baby. To put them away, a mother can obtain a nursing cover (poncho), nursing slings offer both the privacy and ease of position as well as carriage.
  • Once in a while, both baby and mummy will want to have a stroll or go for shopping together, so for comfort,  a bay carrier or wrap will be essential.
  • Breastfeeding along with breast pumping can come along with sore nipples and occasionally, a nursing mother will notice milk dripping spontaneously when she is no where near the act of breastfeeding. Therefore she shall need;
  1. a nursing cream to help with lubrication,
  2. nursing/breast pads to help soothe the nipples and absorb leaks,
  3. A pumping Bra to ease the process of milk extraction. The mother just has to establish the set up and let those tools hang by the chest as she carries on with other duties. This is not so helpful with manual breast pumps though, since she’ll have to keep supporting the breast pump while operating it.
  • New motherhood comes with new calls for knowledge and responsibility and it’s not unusual for a nursing woman to find her self wanting. In the absence of experienced family members or other forms of support, we turn to the biggest gift of literacy, reading. Therefore a new mother will need a few quick reads for this journey and this can range from, support websites to breast feeding and baby care books like; The baby feeding book, the ABC’s of breast feeding and several others.


Breast milk accessories…

In the current world with a highly demanding economic situation, Mothers have got to strike the balance between giving the best to their infants and raising family income. Therefore, there has to be a way to obtain that special breast milk, safely store it and even have it administered in mummy’s absence absence. The following items are available to help her do just that …

  • Breast pumps to help with extraction of breast milk. This is essential for any mother who works away from her infant for ≥ 21 hours in a week.
  • Baby bottles for feeding, most of these come with a pack of artificial teats (pacifiers/dummies) as a bonus. The common bad practice is to let the baby suck away in a bluff. Infant feeding is a serious matter and should be given the respect it deserves. Pacifiers are strongly discouraged in the early months of life since they can negatively affect the infants ability to effectively breast breastfeed. Since this will need cleaning and drying quite often, cleaning brushes and drying racks should be considered.  Milk storage is done at very low temperatures so will often need warming before use, milk warmers are thus handy. These are a must to have where ever breast milk extraction or formula feeding is involved.
  • Breast milk storage fridges and bags; should be included in that shopping list especially if the nursing mother has bottle feeding with a lot of travel in her programs.

Some inventors have summarily handled this whole issue  by availing  a Breastfeeding mothers work back pack which has got the carriage, abreast pump, baby bottles and milk storage container or fridges all customized within.


Breastfeeding  infants’ accessories…

  • Baby support pillows; head/neck stabilizers,  and lounging pillows. Most needed in early 3 months when babies lack head control.
  • Baby feeding towels (bibs); good to have since babies have their own table etiquette. Prevents soiling of that ‘suit’ of the day.
  • Baby Monitors; will be useful in instances where a care taker will need to keep an eye or an ear on the baby at a distance.
  • Bassinets and cradles; This little baby beds are to enable them obtain a cosy sleep, bassinets are for the little ones who can barely move (< 4 months of age) and the cradles for “bigger babies” and toddlers.



Infant nursing for a first time mother is like apprenticeship. It is a journey of learning and doing. A couple with a baby should therefore equip themselves with the necessary items to accomplish this honorable task. When it comes to what one can have or not have, the decision is primarily yours. We have tried as much as possible to provide insight on the various items to help the reader formulate an informed opinion. I hope one finds this helpful.

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