When is the Best Time to do Breast Self-Exam?

Breast exam, literally, is a brief process involving observation and maneuvers intended to elicit anomalies in a breast. This can be done by a doctor, the person their self (self breast exam) or by an individual one is comfortable with, typically a spouse (they are usually more than eager to help out!). Our discussion here … Read more When is the Best Time to do Breast Self-Exam?

Highest Rated Blood Glucose Meter.

Blood glucose meters also known as glucometers or blood sugar machines are simple devices designed to enable rapid access of blood glucose results anytime in a variety of settings. We’ll use glucometers to mean blood glucose meters most of the time due to it’s ‘friendliness’. Glucometers are of several types and capabilities, and as is … Read more Highest Rated Blood Glucose Meter.

ABCs of Pregnancy

Pregnancy (Gestation), in humans, is the time in which one or more offspring develop in a woman’s womb. There are different notions about pregnancy depending on ones beliefs (faith), state of mind, pattern of life, societal perceptions and their general will for life. Its is therefore a situation for which many women are cautious about … Read more ABCs of Pregnancy


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