Sinu-solve IR Rhinitis Therapy Device

Rhinitis; the inflamed nasal mucous membrane which manifests with nasal congestion, runny nose (rhinorrhea), post nasal drip (a feeling of phlegm in the throat), occasionally sore throat and headaches with teary eyes, is a common affliction affecting about 1 in 5 people in the globe. The majority of those being in the most industrialized countries. … Read more Sinu-solve IR Rhinitis Therapy Device

When is the Best Time to do Breast Self-Exam?

Breast exam, literally, is a brief process involving observation and maneuvers intended to elicit anomalies in a breast. This can be done by a doctor, the person their self (self breast exam) or by an individual one is comfortable with, typically a spouse (they are usually more than eager to help out!). Our discussion here … Read more When is the Best Time to do Breast Self-Exam?

Highest Rated Blood Glucose Meter.

Blood glucose meters also known as glucometers or blood sugar machines are simple devices designed to enable rapid access of blood glucose results anytime in a variety of settings. We’ll use glucometers to mean blood glucose meters most of the time due to it’s ‘friendliness’. Glucometers are of several types and capabilities, and as is … Read more Highest Rated Blood Glucose Meter.

ABCs of Pregnancy

Pregnancy (Gestation), in humans, is the time in which one or more offspring develop in a woman’s womb. There are different notions about pregnancy depending on ones beliefs (faith), state of mind, pattern of life, societal perceptions and their general will for life. Its is therefore a situation for which many women are cautious about … Read more ABCs of Pregnancy


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